Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (EHWF) is an a E-federation wrestling promotion created in 2008 by Scorpion and Justin Taker. EHWF currently has one show, Friday Night Mayhem. EHWF also hosts monthly pay-per-view events, featuring their premiere champions and highlighting major points in feuds and storylines of that time.

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation
Trading name EHWF
Type Public
Traded as NYSE: EHWF
Industry Professional wrestling
Sports entertainment
Founded 2008
Founders Justin Taker
Headquarters Pittburgh, Pennsylvania
Area served Worldwide
Key people Justin Taker (Founder)
Scorpion (Founder)
Michael Rissi (Owner)
Brandon Bash (Emissary to the Board)
Nick Rissi (Director of Operations)
Joanna Isabella-Rissi (General Manager)
Rose (Assistant General Manager)


The Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (or EHWF for short) was originally created back in 2008. After spending multiple years in efeds owned by others, Scorpion and Justin Taker decided they wanted to try their hand at making their own efed and see how it went. For about a year, it went pretty well, lasting until late 2009. They ran out of time to run it, however, and had to shut it down temporarily. That shut down only lasted a few months, as it came back in early 2010 and lasted until late 2010, when we were unexpectedly hacked. We never found out who did it, or why, but the dream of making EHWF one of the top efeds did not fade, however, when Justin "JT" Taker and Scorpion decided to re-open EHWF in mid-2011. EHWF is running smoothly to this day and we plan to keep going strong for as long as possible. On April 1st, 2012, Justin Taker sold the company to Scorpion. In March of 2014 Scorpion stepped down as owner and Michael Rissi bought the company off of The Board in July of 2014.


Monday Night AnimosityEdit

Template:Main We currently have one show a week called Friday Night Mayhem. The deadline for Mayhem is 9 pm eastern time every Friday night. We also have monthly pay per views, with the exception of December due to all the holiday stuff going on. We used to have our Pay Per View's every other month instead of every month, but we just recently changed this due to the popular demand for monthly Pay Per Views. Over the years, EHWF has had just two second brands. One was Wednesday Night Mass Murder and the other was Monday Night Anarchy. We wanted to make sure that the roleplayers here in EHWF know that their opinion is listened to.

List of Current WEW Pay-Per-View EventsEdit

Date Event
January Sudden Death
February Meltdown
March Bloodbath
April Retribution
May Aces High
June Trial of Tears
July Scars and Stripes
August  Aftermath: King of Bereavement 
September War
October Revenge
November Last Rites

Current Titles and Champions Edit

Championship Current Champion Previous Champion
EHWF World Championship David Smith Blaise
EHWF Hardcore Championship Alexandra Kendrick Savannah
EHWF Jr. Heavyweight Championship Chris Dunn Connor Creed
EHWF North American Championship Mazzio Van Jameson
EHWF Tag Team Championship Hannah Walters & Samantha Bloom Insidious

Retired Championships Coming soon.

Other AccomplishmentsEdit

These are the current 2014 Event Achievements:

Miss Scars and Stripes - Aubree Celeste

King of Bereavement - Masturbation Nation

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